Инглиз тилида Лотин алифбосида

Minds in may

Saodat Pulkanova

was born in 1973 in the Khatirchin region of Samarkand Province. She graduated from the faculty of philology of Tashkent State University. She worked for Radio Uzbekistan and ”Voice of America”. Several collections of her work have been published. She is now living in Sweden.

The World

This parallel world is unable,
To manipulate me, and so
Tormenting me, even torturing,
It won’t reach its goal, I know.

It lures with a bunch a desires,
And cunning silk overall
But luxury, wealth and passion
Won’t cure my wounded soul.

Being drunk with the love of God,
You won’t see the spring slip away
You doze like loony in motion
And can’t be aroused. No way.

It’s easy to get lost in a desert,
You can go off your mind in the throe.
It’s hard to leave from the bustling
Global dispute uproar…

(Translated by Alec Vagapov)


Oh, suffering gnaws your heart today,
you can’t contain all griefs inside yott,
when you say, why has parting fallen on your heart
you are tormenting your heart with this parting.

Thase moments dear to your life
incessantly are remembered one after another,
weren’t htere in the world such deprived as you,
what can you du except subortdinate yourself to fate?

Lf you left without a way out, like a strupid person,
in parting with your homeland and your own heart,
if life proceds drably, senselessly,
is there any aim in such a life?

Even if you find the strength to die but do not die,
if pity will at your heart,
you would defeat sadness with God’s help
when what you wait for and call would become a panacea.

(Translated by Richard McKane)


Idon’t care about people who got lost,
His love ignited a flame in my heart,
My lord is a flag above my head,
How can I reject him?

When a cry from my heart was on the its way to love’s tower
I was embraced by love’s designs,
I won’t look at the World’s ornaments,
Will my Lord hear me?

Getting ridding off my tears,
Praying for forgiveness for thousands times,
I’m sleepless and crying every night,
Will angels make me stop crying?

If I follow a troubled person,
If I reach love with an indigent heart,
And, if I go when he wants me to do so,
Will misdeeds go away?

If I pray his name,
If I sacrifice my sick heart,
If I go back with angels to the sky,
Will my Lord forgive me?

At least, don’t lose your way,
Don’t get separated from your beloved,
Miskin (Miserable), despite of your countless sighs,
Will your pain end?

(Translated by Baxrier Shahnazarov)

People Who Forgot

They reject the Lord for the bliss,
They run away avoiding to get united with the Lord,
They become afraid when time comes to leave this world,
Those  people who forgot to greet,
Those people who forgot how to speak.

They lose their mind when they see the gold,
Their appetite is bigger than a mountain,
They cannot grab anything with to the another word
Those people who forgot about the market,
Those people who forgot about their graves.

They make very harm to each other,
To the extent that their faces gets pale,
At the very end they look for remission,
Those people who forgot about their dirty deeds,
Those people who forgot how to speak.

Kubro spent his life serving to the God,
The Lord was his fellow traveller,
But, they will remain as boobies,
Those people who have lost the true way,
Those people who forgot the only way.

People like Timur and Dara lived in this World,
Countless poor and desperate people left the World,
They sought for the God at the end of their lives,
Those people who forgot to pray,
Those people who forgot about punishment.

Getting sad because of being alone,
Clean your heart, Miskin (Miserable),
Only the Lord can give you a remission,
Those people who forgot the unreachable place,
Those people who forgot the Lord.

(Translated by Baxtier Shahnazarov)

Oxford 2012